Instabrunch and Instawalk Graz – Speisesaal

Hello from New York! I’ve been here since Sunday evening and I haven’t been really been at my computer, let alone had Internet. Nevertheless, I’ll try to still post here as regularly as I did back there and as soon as I’m really settled in, I will be online more as well. Today’s post is more on the picture heavy side of things, and not yet from New York, but still from Austria.

I had the pleasure of being invited to an Instabrunch and Instawalk in Graz, Austria about two weeks ago. As I took a lot of  pictures from the rooftop of the Hotel Daniel and also the Brunch itself, I figured I could share them here on my blog.

The brunch was hosted by Hotel Wiesler in their restaurant Speisesaal. They just recently started doing brunch there and I was pleasantly surprised. The options included hearty as well as sweet options on the buffet. What stood out most to me was the large selection of different kinds of bread and also the really delicious, presoaked Birchermüsli.

Instabrunch Graz |
Instabrunch Graz |
Wall Mural Speisesaal Graz |

We were also able to explore the Hotel Wiesler a bit, which has been remodeled to a really impressive, boutique like, hotel. The rooms are quite unique, which was nice to see as a change, but it’s better to let the pictures speak, so here we go:

Hotel Wiesler | Hotel Wiesler |

After the nice brunch, we actually took bikes to cycle up to the Hotel Daniel and got up to the roof, where they are currently building the Loft Cube – a hotel “room” on the roof with a huge terrace and a beautiful view of the city of Graz. But letting the pictures speak again will tell you more than I could with a few words here:

Hotel Daniel Rooftop |
Hotel Daniel View |

I was also the lucky winner of a night in the airstream trailer of the Hotel Daniel in Vienna, so I’m really looking forward to that experience. <3

So, I promise I will soon be back with regular posting and schedule, moving to another continent involves just some time to get settled in and well, I still don’t have internet 😉 I’m currently sitting in the Public Library at Bryant Park – it’s a beautiful place to look at, but it’s freezing cold in here. So I better get going again before I actually get a cold. Talk to you soon guys!