My Week on Instagram #18

My Week on Instagram #18 |

Oh my. It’s already Sunday again? I can’t really believe it. This also means, this was my last weekend here in New York City. How did 3 months go by so fast? How I wish I could stay longer! But, very soon it means going back to my also very beautiful hometown (and get my act together and finish this master thesis! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Anyway, what happened on Instagram this week? I’m already in a slight ‘use it up’ mode, as I know that my boyfriend will not make himself buckwheat or millet porridge for breakfast. This didn’t keep me from experimenting in the kitchen though, which brought my Chocolate Pecan Thinsย into existence. I also just realized this week (yeah, kind of early, I know!) that libraries here have very interesting cookbooks – yes, I definitely underestimated the New York Public Libraries. Anyway, what do you think was my most popular post this week? I’m pretty sure there’s not much guessing involved in this:

Blogilates Banana Pancakes |

The Blogilates Banana Pancakes! Whenever I make them, you lovely people go crazy for it. No fancy plating necessary I guess, because even this simple platter got waaaaay over 400 likes.

So, I love you guys and I talk to you soon! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday ๐Ÿ™‚