My Week on Instagram #19

My Week on Instagram #19 |

Hello there lovelies! This week was a very busy one for me – my stay in New York came to an end and therefore I had to pack up all my things, use up the food items that my boyfriend would not use himself and also trying to mentally prepare me to be back in Austria again. Don’t get me wrong, I love my home country, love being close to friends and family, but living with my boyfriend and being in New York City is a very different story. But, I need to finish my Master thesis, and this is only going to happen if I go to the library here and take away distraction. I have a set date now by which I absolutely want to have graduated, so hopefully this will help me focus and finish everything up quickly.

So what did I eat for breakfast? Failed banana pancakes, oatmeal with fried plantains, buckwheat porridge, french toast, oatmeal with a pear flower, and then, back in Austria oatmeal with apple and banana and banana pancakes with tiger nuts! I’m trying to get the hang of my lighting and background situation here, as I’m not the biggest fan of the yellow tint the wood here gives my pictures. I already miss my little black table from New York! I’m also trying to play with textures and am quite happy how my last picture turned out, what do you think? Compare them here:
Oatmeal back in Austria Banana Pancakes back in Austria

So, which picture was the most liked one this week? Actually, one that I was the least happy with! My first bowl of oatmeal back in Austria. I guess, you guys are happy I’m back home 😉 Well, over night it actually changed – my lovely banana pancakes took the lead! 😀 Have a lovely week!