Longhaul In-Flight Essentials Revisited

Longhaul In-Flight Essentials | curlsnchard.com

My lovely friend JuYogi is leaving on a trip to Cape Town soon and over lunch the other day we got talking about in-flight essentials. I realized that even though I just wrote about my Lonhaul In-flight essentials a bit more than 3 months ago, they have changed a bit. Simplified probably. So, let me introduce you to my In-Flight Essentials, Revisited.

Ju posted about her personal in-flight essentials as well, so please head over to her blog to find out what a yogi takes with her on a plane!

One thing that always bothers me when going on trips, is how heavy my carry on is. I secretly envy people that go on the plane with only a little handbag. But, how do they do this? I already need at least a little backpack or larger bag just to carry my laptop. BUT, after my last two long haul flights, I really scrutinized which of my items were really essential to me, and which I really didn’t use at all. So, this is what it came down to:

Cozy Items - In-Flight Essentials |curlsnchaed.com


  • A large, soft pashmina scarf – this will never change, as it is one of the most versatile and useful things to bring with you.
  • Warm socks – unless I fly with AirBerlin, because they provide it 😉
  • Headphones – yes, they count as a coziness item, because they can shut out screaming children or otherwise loud people! Oh, and I always take the little converter pictured above with me, because in some planes, the usual headphone plugs don’t work.
  • Sunglasses – not exactly for coziness, but more for getting off the plane and hiding those tired eyes or if the sun is way stronger in your destination than it was at home!

Hygiene Longhaul Items In-Flight Essentials | curlsnchard.com

Health & Hygiene

  • Disinfectant Gel or Spray – I kind of prefer sprays right now and this one above is a peppermint one I purchased at Whole Foods.
  • Babywipes – a shower in the pocket, well nearly – but it’s incredibly easy to at least quickly wipe down your face and the crucial areas for not being a smelly person 😉
  • Empty reusable water bottle – fill it up with drinking water after security and you’re good to go!
  • Bach Rescue Remedy Drops – I’m a nervous flier, I can’t help it. But the Bach drops do help me to calm down!
  • Essential Lavender oil – to calm me down as well and help me sleep; on top of it, if I happen to scrape my skin while lugging around suitcases, it’s wonderful to put a drop onto the wound!
  • Pastilles and/or Chewing Gum – I love chewing gum with Xylitol, because it’s actually good for your  teeth and supposedly helps protect them from cavities.
  • Globuli against feeling nauseous (Nux Vomica D6) – I’ve not always been as lucky with plane food as I was the last time, so those are a must for me. They also permanently live in my handbag and have been a Godsend on quite a few occasions.

Beauty/Wellness Longhaul In-Flight Items | curlsnchard.com

Skincare & Beauty

  • Weleda Skin Food – the ultimate all purpose cream: put it on your hands, tend to your cuticles, put it wherever your skin feels dry!
  • Lipbalm – even though I could put the Weleda Skin Food on my lips as well, I prefer not to touch my lips on the plane if possible 😉
  • Perfume – this has actually become a real essential to me, because…ummm…smelling nice after a long long day or night on a plane helps a LOT in terms of how fresh you actually feel.

Reusable Liquids Bag for Carry On Airtravel | curlsnchard.com

You obviously have to put your liquids in a see through bag when you carry it onto the plane with you – to avoid creating more waste by getting a little flimsy ziploc baggy each time, how about a reusable liquids bag? I got this with a set of travel sized bottles quite a long while ago and it still goes strong. You don’t have to deal with ripping ziploc baggies and Mother Earth says thank you as well! 🙂

You might see a little theme reoccurring in this post – feeling as fresh and relaxed as possible are definitely my priority after long flights. I have come to realize that I don’t really use makeup, because I just often don’t have the time. Earplugs actually often bother me more than they help and even though a thermal water spray is a nice thing to have, I hardly ever use it. I obviously also pack my electronics, which are probably the things that actually make my carry-on heavy! If I go on an overnight flight, I also make sure to bring a neck pillow – you could just use a pillow from the airplane, but I prefer my neck pillow. Apart from those goodies, I would recommend putting a fresh T-Shirt and panties in your carry on as well, because you never know whether your luggage arrives with you. 😉

If you want to know where my essentials are from, I’ll do my best to list those things that I was able to find online:

Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters (they don’t have the exact ones anymore, but those are relatively similar)
Headphones – Urban Ear Plattan
Lavender Oil – Young Living
Water Bottle – Life Factory
Lipbalm – eos
All purpose cream – Weleda Skin Food

Have you read my posts about the meals I was served on my latest long haul flights? I opted for the vegan meal option, because even though I am not vegan, I avoid dairy and a vegan meal is the only way to make sure there is no dairy in the meals. In case you haven’t read those posts, you can check them out here and here. I would also recommend to check out JuYogi’s carry on essentials! 🙂

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