My Week on Instagram #22 + a little bit of Sunday Talk

My Week on Instagram #22 |

It’s Sunday again? This week flew by like crazy. Did I say the same last week? Probably! Between working on my thesis, a little birthday celebration and working on some wonderful new collaborations for this blog, I’ve been a busy bee. Something I can already tell you, is that two wonderful giveaways are coming to my Instagram very very soon! I’m so excited that I can give some of the awesome goodies back to my followers that I have received! So go head over to Instagram and follow me @curlsnchard, so you don’t miss out on those opportunities!

What else is new? I finally found fair-trade quinoa in my local supermarket! I was very excited when I saw this. As quinoa is so popular all over Europe and North America, it has become so expensive that the people in South-America that initially had quinoa as their food staple can hardly afford it anymore. They oftentimes have to buy cheaper, less nutritionally sound products now, because loads of the quinoa gets exported and generally is much more expensive now that it used to be. By choosing fair-trade quinoa, I as a consumer can at least make sure that the farmer was paid fairly and that no harmful pesticides were used in the growing process. It doesn’t solve the problem that people can hardly afford their own staple crop anymore, but at least I can contribute to those farmers being paid fairly (just because the price of a crop rises for the consumer, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the farmers see more of the money!). I consider quinoa as a treat, because the fair-trade version is double the price of the regular, organic version. But, if it means that I can at least somewhat contribute to farmers being paid a fair price, I gladly eat a bit less quinoa, so that I can afford to still buy the fair-trade version. And no, I don’t feel deprived by this decision – there are so many other grains to choose from and I love variety!

So, now that I step off my soapbox, what was popular this week on my Instagram? Pretty obviously, it was my pancakes again 😉

Vegan Pancakes with Pomegranate Seeds |

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    1. Thank you so much Léa! I’m happy if I am able to inspire you and other people to make healthier choices and can show that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring or take out the fun of experimenting in the kitchen! I hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday :-*

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