Natural Skincare against Dull, Dry Winter-Skin + A Very Berry Beauty Booster

Read about a delicious Very Berry Smoothie that boosts your beauty from within and also the natural skincare that helps you combat dull, dry winter-skin from the outside!

Natural Skincare - How to combat dull, dry winter-skin + a very berry beauty booster |

Hello my dear readers!

As the Simple & Effective Natural Body Care post was such a success, I was looking forward to sharing more natural body care posts with you. When the lovely people from nu3 asked me if I was interested in trying out some natural skin care products, I was psyched! So, to be very open and clear with you, nu3 provided me with the products that are shown here, but I handpicked them from their website and the opinions stated are 100% my own. They are a mixture of well known to me and dearly loved (Weleda) and new to me and by now also very much loved products (Balm Balm and Living Nature). Nu3 also recently published a free E-Book on natural skin care (German only, sorry!), which does a wonderful job in explaining ingredients in skincare, the different certifications for natural skin care products on the German market and also gives you wonderful ideas for DIY masks and little pick me ups. As glowing skin is not only influenced by what you put onto your skin, I also included a Very Berry Smoothie from the e-book that helps you getting your glow on from the inside!

What is important to me when it comes to natural skincare?

I have very sensitive skin that has reacted badly to beauty products in the past – therefore I know that products have to be gentle. I have to avoid certain ingredients, like rhassoul because they give me a rash. Still, I expect natural skin care products to perform at least as good as conventional products, if not even better. I have high standards and expectations, because I’m not willing to make concessions towards the way a products works, just because it’s natural. You as a reader can be sure that if I speak positively about a product, it worked 100% for me.

My Skin

Now that we have that out of the way, let me quickly tell you a bit about the skin on my face, so you know how my experience might relate to yours. I have sensitive skin on a general level, which means it easily turns red, itchy and hot. I even had rashes in the past in reactions to some products. Apart from being sensitive, I have pretty classic combination skin. My cheeks and my eye area is quite dry and my T-zone can get a bit oily. I don’t get a lot of breakouts, but when I get them they are usually around my mouth/chin area. During winter, the dryness gets worse, so I do need some more help on the skin care front.

Natural Skincare against dull, dry winter-skin

Natural Skincare - How to combat dull, dry winter-skin + a very berry beauty booster |

I was debating whether to call this post “for dull…” or “against..”. Well, we want to get rid of this kind of skin, right? So, I decided to use the word “against” 😉 With all the dried out air inside and the cold, windy climate outside, my skin does usually not look it’s best, now that we are at the tail end of winter. It does need a lot of TLC to get presentable again and ready for the coming spring! With this in mind, I picked out the following products. They are all soothing, pampering and intended to make your skin more radiant by providing it with moisture and nutrients (but not breaking it out!).


Weleda Milde Reinigungsmilch | Balm Balm Witch Hazel Toner |

The first step in every good skin care regimen? Cleansing! For me, it has to be gentle, non-drying but effective. I hate nothing more than a waxy or really oily residue on my face. Usually I use a creamy cleanser, like this Weleda Gentle Cleansing Milk for normal to dry skin. It has witch hazel extract, which I find helps with calming my skin and also preventing breakouts. I simply pour a little bit into my hands, massage it onto my dry face and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. After that, I use a toner, currently the Balm Balm Witch Hazel Toner, which I swipe along my T-zone and over breakouts (on a cotton pad). Feeling all fresh and clean, let’s move on to pampering!


Balm Balm Little Miracle Rosehip Serum | curlsnchard.comWeleda Skincare |

Now that my skin is clean and refreshed, I love to put on a serum or face oil. If my face has become dry, I love to spritz it with a hydrosol, like the wonderful Balm Balm Rose Flower Water, before applying the serum. The Balm Balm Little Miracle Rosehip Serum is more of a face oil and I absolutely love it. I use about 3 drops at night and gently pat it into my cheek area. Whatever is left gets spread on the rest of my face and also on my neck. The next morning, redness that might have been there the night before is gone, my skin is plump and radiant. Even little breakouts have calmed down! This is truly a little miracle in a bottle to me. It does not irritate my skin at all and pampers it wonderfully. If my skin happens to feel a bit dry in the morning after all, I use 1 drop of it during the day as well.
After I worked the serum into my skin, I apply an eye cream, because I get very dry skin around my eyes. If I don’t take care of it properly, I sometimes even get red, flaky patches. Believe me, that’s neither a cute look, nor does it feel comfortable! One eye cream I have been relying on for years, is the Weleda Wild Rose Eyecream, which is not too heavy but also not too light. After this step, I use the Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Cream. I don’t use much of it and mostly focus it on my cheek-area, and only spread the “leftover” onto my chin and T-Zone, so it doesn’t get oily. This leaves my skin feeling very calm, moisturized and also radiant – who doesn’t want this?


Living Nature Manuka Honey Products | curlsnchard.comBalm Balm Rose Floral Water Hydrosol |

If there should be a little breakout after all (it happens!), then I love the Living Nature Manuka Honey Gel. You don’t need much of it, so the little tube will last you a long time. I simply dab a little bit of the gel on the spot and it soothes the inflammation and kills the bacteria. It also has tea tree oil in it, which enhances the already very powerful anti-microbial properties of the manuka honey.
Also, don’t forget your lips! Mine dry out like crazy in the winter time, so I like to always have a lip balm handy – Living Natura also makes a great one, which is their Active Manuka Honey Lipbalm. If you need a little pick me up during the day and you feel the blast of the heating inside, I love the already mentioned Balm Balm Rose Flower Water. The smell is amazing and it also immediately soothes and hydrates my skin – a mini spa treatment in a bottle.

Beauty from the inside out

What your skin looks and feels like is not only influenced by what you put on it, but also what you put into your body! If you eat wholesome, natural foods, you are already on the right track. This very berry smoothie recipe is rich in antioxidants and also healthy fats from the coconut. Apart from being really good for you, it also tastes amazing, like a tropical coconut-y blueberry dream.

Very Berry Beauty Booster Smoothie + Natural Skincare to combat dull, dry winter-skin |
A Very Berry Beauty Booster Smoothie
  • ½ cup blueberries (frozen)
  • ¾ cup rice milk
  • 1 tbsp oats
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1-2 date(s)
  • 1 squeeze lemon
  1. Put everything in a blender and blend away!
  2. Enjoy while still cold for a refreshing smoothie.
Translated and adapted (with permission) from Natürlich schöne Haut E-Book from nu3.

Thank you again to nu3 for letting me pick all those wonderful skincare products and therefore helping me discover some (new) favorites! If you speak German, please make sure to check out their really helpful E-Book on natural skincare. If you don’t speak German, but live in Europe, make sure you check out the nu3 online store, as they have an amazing variety of products (ranging from nutrition to skin care) at a great price point! Thanks to having those amazing natural skincare products, my skin has gotten much better again, after having neglected it a bit after returning to Europe.

Tell me, do you use any of those products yourself? What is your stance towards natural skin care products? Try out the Very Berry smoothie and let me know what you think about it! 

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