My Week on Instagram #23 + Sunday Talk

My Week on Instagram #23 |

Time is running! It’s Sunday again and this week was pretty exciting and full of busy hours. I got a new beautiful Glass Dharma straw in the mail (I’m doing a giveaway on Instagram so you can win your own!) and received an amazing box full of goodies from FeinSTOFF. Stay tuned guys for all the new creations coming your way! And thanks for actually making those cooperations possible, because without your support they wouldn’t be possible. Apart from new fancier creations, it was nice to see that simple breakfast ideas can hit the spot too, especially when Finding Vegan shared my Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal on their Twitter (oh and as we are already at it, come follow me on Twitter!):

Small things make me happy guys! I’ve been writing this blog now for half a year and I’ve already learnt so much. Also, my photos from the first entries make me cringe now. Oh my. I promised myself that I’m going to re-shoot the Buckwheat Porridge, Raw Buckwheat Porridge and Quick Rice Pudding recipes, because I just can’t deal with those pictures anymore. I want to be able to share those recipes without cringing about the pictures every time. So yeah, I’m one of those bloggers that take pictures again 😉 Don’t judge me, I’m a little perfectionist at heart, even though I’ve gotten much better in letting things be imperfect (thank you university! ;-)).

Enough rambling! As you can see by my Instagram pictures, I had a quite colorful week in terms of breakfasts. Even though it’s still winter, I was in the mood for smoothies, thanks to my new straw! With those things I can be like a child, I have to immediately play with my new toys 😉 What else? I love citrus in my breakfast. I really wakes me up and makes me happy. Recipes coming soon!

My first ever attempt in a “pour shot” was also my most liked pictures this week – pancakes are just always good!

Maple Syrup Pour Shot on Vegan Pancakes |

With that I’m leaving you to your Sunday – see you again next week!

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