My Week on Instagram #28 + Sunday Talk on Intuitive Eating

My Week on Instagram #28 |

It’s Sunday again! Time for a little heart to heart and a compilation of what I posted on Instagram during the last week. So what’s the Sunday Talk about? As you might guess from the title, it’s about intuitive eating. Ksenia from actually made me think about this. When she wrote yesterday on Instagram about not wanting to label herself and that she tried a vegan lifestyle and found out it wasn’t for her, this kind of honesty is what I really enjoy about her and also what got me thinking about intuitive eating.

I have tried veganism, I have tried a raw vegan lifestyle and I found out that both things don’t work out well for me. Especially during my time trying out eating a raw vegan diet, my body was just not having it. I was constantly cold, sick so many times during those months and generally at a pretty low point. Now that I learned more about Ayurveda and also nutrition according to the 5 elements of traditional Chinese medicine, I found out that eating so much raw foods is just the completely wrong way for my body and constitutional type (I still love my overnight oats and my raw buckwheat porridge, but not three raw meals a day). That’s the thing: if you’re the type of person that thrives with a certain kind of nutrition, please go for it! If the same thing doesn’t work for the next person, please don’t judge. What works for me does not necessarily work for you and the other way around. I love my warm food, I have to steer clear of certain vegetables in their raw form because they give me really bad stomach ache, limit my processed sugar intake and even though I avoid dairy, I sometimes indulge in some greek yoghurt (but usually made from sheep & goat milk). And like Ksenia said in her Instagram post, if I have to be labeled for the sake of making it easier on people, then I guess I belong to the group of Intuitarians. But I’d rather simply eat in the way that feels best for my body, without any guilt, because I cannot fit into the mold of what is currently being prized as the best possible way to live.

What I do care greatly about though, is to make sure that whatever I eat is as high in quality as possible and from an ethically sound source. Eating local and seasonal whenever possible, choosing organic over conventional and also trying to buy as much fair trade when it comes to more exotic products is what I care about. Oh, and also avoiding unnecessary packaging and waste – but this is a whole other topic.

What are your thoughts on intuitive eating? Do you label yourself? 

Psssst, the pictures above give already a little hint of what kind of recipe is going live tomorrow – one dish is depicted twice in there 😉

2 thoughts on “My Week on Instagram #28 + Sunday Talk on Intuitive Eating

  1. I like how you manage to listen to your body and eat what feels best for you! I personally don’t like labels as I find them restrictive and it can cause you not to listen to your body in certain cases because you feel like you are not allowed to eat this or that, because it’s not in your type of “diet”. For my part, I listen to my body too, and will change what I eat depending on what it asks for 🙂

    Have a great rest of the day!
    Léa x

    1. Thank you Léa! I agree with you, labels are most of the time so restricting that people often stop listening to what their body tells them – simply to fit into a certain type of diet. Keep listening to what your body needs! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the day too 🙂

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