Street Kitchen – Food Market Vienna 2015

Street Kitchen - Food Market Vienna 2015 |

Hey guys – I know, the Street Kitchen – Food Market in Vienna was quite a while ago (on the 30th of April and 1st of May), but I just never got around to actually tell you about my experience there! If you follow me on Snapchat (curlsnchard), you saw already what I got and also got some impressions from the place 😉 I went there early on the second day, so continue reading if you are curious about my experience and what I ate!

First off, it was really easy to find my way there. I was a bit worried I might get lost, but first, the Marx Halle was really just a few steps down the street from the stop of the tram 18 (Viehmarktgasse) and I was obviously not the only person going there. What surprised me though, was that there was already a queue outside the the building – like what? I was there at 4:30pm (it opened at 4:00pm), but the queue moved at least fast. In matter of a few minutes I was at the entrance where you had to pay 2€ to get in. That wasn’t really an issue for me, because, well, they had to pay rent for the building too.

Street Kitchen - Food Market Vienna 2015 |

When I had made my way into the building, it wasn’t overly crowded yet – but this was starting to happen the later it got (I seriously forgot to take a picture, blogger fail). I figured I would walk around at first to get a good picture of what was available, but even though it was not as crowded yet as when I left, it was not an easy task. People where queuing everywhere! It was often quite difficult to actually find out what the stand were selling or even how much it was, because lots of them had their signs underneath their stalls, or written it on the table/glass, so you always had to try and get in front of the people that were already queuing there. Not fun! This is definitely something that would need improvement…but, it was their first try after all.

Gorditas from Gaumenfreundinnen at SKFM Vienna |

After a little walk, I decided to go for the Veggie Gorditas at the Gaumenfreundinnen stall as my first stop. The queue was decent there and I love me some good Mexican food. I can’t remember the name of the version I got, but it was the one with mushroom and avocado. It was delicious! The corn patty, the ingredients, everything tasted really good. One downside, it was really messy to eat. I’m not sure how this happened, but I guess either the salsa was too liquid or the girl who assembled it got too much liquid in there from something else – oh, and no napkins in sight. Good thing it had tissues. Price: € 4,2. I know, it’s Vienna, and it’s a hipster market, but are you kidding me? As delicious as it was, the portion was tiny for the price. I appreciate small portions on a street food market, so you can try more, but then please reduce the price too.

Samosas from Zwölf at SKFM Vienna |

Stop two, was at the stall of Zwölf, where I had a really delicious veggie samosa for € 3. I got that recommendation from a friend who was there the day before and this did really not disappoint. I was a very decent size for the price and delicious. Sure, you can definitely get that for cheaper on the street, but in regards of the circumstances I’m okay with the price, quality and quantity. The last time I ate samosas was from a Hare Krishna stall somewhere in Ireland 😀

Brownie from Brass Monkey at SKFM Vienna |

My last stop was dedicated to dessert – after walking around the outside a bit as well (and seeing tiny burgers sold for around 8€, with a queue so long that those poor people probably waited there for an hour), I decided on a vegan berry brownie from Brass Monkey. Well, I’m a little bit torn here. You pay extra for everything that is titled vegan here, even if it really does not cost more to make it. While it was for sure the best market bought vegan brownie I have had so far, it was also € 3 for the piece. I personally got a very decent sized slice, so for me it was fine. But, I also saw some smaller pieces in there – if I had gotten one of those and paid € 3 for it, I’m not sure I would’ve been so happy. But hey, I can’t complain. I got a big one and it was delicious, chocolatey, berry brownie heaven.

So, what’s my personal verdict of the Street Kitchen Food Market in Vienna? I did enjoy it. I got good food, went there when it was not completely over-crowded and picked the stands where I was at least somewhat okay with the prices. Still, especially for the gorditas I thought the price was too high. Looking around some of the other stalls though, those prices were still moderate. From what I heard from people around me and also read on Facebook, the quality was not as good everywhere as it should have been, even more so in comparison with the prices. The vibe was a bit hipster, but I’m okay with that. People were quite mixed in terms of age groups, although probably the largest group there was in their mid-twenties or early thirties. That’s my personal feeling though and could be totally off. 😉 My biggest issue was that it was so hard to tell what each stall served, due to the signs being hard to see, as people were queuing in front of them. But hey, that’s something really easy to fix for the next ones.

I’m really looking forward to the next editions and also to the Steet Food Market in Graz!

Do you enjoy street food markets? Did you go to the Street Kitchen Food Market in Vienna as well? What did you think about it? Let me know!

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    1. It really was a lot of fun – and it was really difficult to chose what to eat – I decided for the shorter queues most of the time if I couldn’t decide between to places 😀

    1. Thank you Hannah! Probably there is something similar close to where you live 🙂

  1. That brownie looks delicious! So strange that the vegan items are more expensive like that. You would for sure think they’d be cheaper….

    1. It was really really good 🙂 I know, but usually vegan products are way more expensive here. I guess sometimes it is because they use higher quality ingredients, but sometimes it’s really just the mark-up for the sake of it being vegan…

    1. Hahaha, I know, because I sent you a message there quite a while ago 😀 but sometimes life just gets in between snapchat and me too 😉 I know, that brownie was so good!

    1. I’m sure you would’ve enjoyed it Cindy! There were so many different vendors, it was really difficult to chose 🙂

    1. They are so much fun, right? Ha, I bet we two would have quite some fun at a food festival 😉

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