Review: Dancing Shiva Vienna – raw, vegan, superfoods restaurant and store

Dancing Shiva Vienna - raw, vegan superfoods restaurant and store |

What I started off last week with my review of the Parks Zinzendorfgasse, I want to continue with a review of the Dancing Shiva raw, vegan superfoods restaurant in Vienna. I had breakfast there the day after the Street Kitchen Food Market and figured at review would be interesting to a lot of people who travel to Vienna and are probably on the lookout for a vegan place to eat!

As already mentioned, Dancing Shiva is not just any vegan restaurant, but it is actually a raw vegan superfoods restaurant. They also have a store attached, which was actually there before they opened the restaurant. They usually have a brunch buffet on Saturdays, but I went there earlier to just have regular breakfast that they always have on their menu, because I didn’t have time, nor the money to spend 29€ on brunch. Which is a point I will come back later to.

Inside Dancing Shiva Vienna |

It is really conveniently located in the Neubaugasse, so you can easily walk there when you are somewhere along the Mariahilfer Straße or the Burggasse. It has a lot of wood inside, which makes it feel very cozy and welcoming – so is the staff. What was not ideal at my visit was that there was a yoga class upstairs, so they had to be super quiet in order not to interrupt them and I in turn had to wait quite long for my breakfast. They did tell me about that though when I arrived.

Sun Warrior Breakfast at Dancing Shiva Vienna |

Matcha Latte from Dancing Shiva Vienna |

I decided to go with the Sun Warrior breakfast, which is chia pudding with hemp seeds, homemade cashew cream, bourbon vanilla, tonka bean and fresh fruit. For drinks I went with the matcha latte, with homemade almond milk. When it finally did arrive, it was delicious. The portion of the chia pudding looks quite small, but as it is chia pudding, it is quite filling. The matcha latte with the homemade almond milk was actually nearly too rich for me. I’m not the biggest fan of almond milk in general, and I guess I should’ve just asked if they had a different milk. Soooo, I do have a little “but” here. The prices. I know, it’s vegan, it’s raw, it’s made with superfoods. It’s Vienna. I paid € 5,9 for the chia pudding and € 5,9 for the matcha latte. Am I the only one who has never paid more than € 3,9 for a hot beverage? I know matcha is expensive, but I’m not sure if that price is justifiable even with that reasoning. Verdict: next time I’m going to order a different beverage. For the breakfast itself, well, the ingredients are definitely not expensive enough to justify the price, but it’s the vibe, the preparation and everything else you have to pay with it. So I guess, it’s somewhat okay. I really enjoyed the food, and for a treat, I would definitely come back. Not sure though if I would go for the 29€ brunch. That is quite steep in my books!

Have you been to Dancing Shiva in Vienna? If so, what was your experience? Have you in general been to a raw vegan superfoods restaurant or café? Let me know!

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18 thoughts on “Review: Dancing Shiva Vienna – raw, vegan, superfoods restaurant and store

  1. I love vegan restuarants! They always seem to have this really amazing atmosphere and of course the food is just delicious!

    1. Ah, yes – totally agree Cole! They always have such a “different” atmosphere, in a good way 🙂

  2. This place looks great. Unfortunately, I haven’t been to this restaurant in Vienna and it’s been a few years since I’ve even been in Vienna but I liked reading your review. We have a good raw food restaurant in Dallas, TX called Be Raw Food and Juice.

    1. Thank you so much for you comment – I hope you enjoyed Vienna when you were there! If you come to Vienna again, I can definitely recommend going there if you want to treat yourself to a nice meal 🙂 I’ll keep your recommendation in mind, I’m pretty sure I’ll travel to Dallas at some point!

    1. Thank you Jessica! Come to Austria – I bet you would love it here 🙂 We got a lot of travelers from the US and I haven’t met a single one who didn’t love it here! <3

  3. I just converted that to dollars out of curiosity, and yeah quite pricey…but raw restaurants tend to be that way, and everything looked gorgeous! I’m sure looking through their menu would be a great source for recipe ideas to make at home 🙂

    1. Yeah, I know – raw restaurants are usually pricey. Just like generally vegan restaurants 😉 And yes, I love looking through those menus for inspiration 🙂

    1. Hi Christina, yeah – I agree 🙂 Well, I hope a lot of people stop by your pop-up café, so that it’s going to be a success! I’m not in Vienna on those days, otherwise I would’ve dropped by to say hello!

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