Street Food Market Graz, June 2015

Street Food Market Graz 2015 |

After having visited the Street Kitchen Food Market in Vienna earlier this year, I obviously had to go to the Street Food Market Graz as well. The one in Graz is actually 3 days long (12-14th of June) and offered quite a few different vendors than the one in Vienna. I had even made myself a little list of places I wanted to taste something from, because there were so many! I just came home from it and figured to write this little review right now, so if you are in the area and are still on the fence if you should go, this might help you.

If you read this on the day it comes out (which is Saturday), you can actually still go to the Street Food Market Graz tomorrow. They are open from noon to 8pm. It’s in the Designhalle, straight across from the City Park shopping center. Entrance is 3€ for adults, 2€ for kids between 6 and 12 (younger are free). Yes, that’s a Euro more than in Vienna. You get a can of Red Bull Cola for it, after entering. I’m not the biggest fan of an entrance fee at a market where you also have to pay for what you consume in there anyway, but I guess they have to make ends meet themselves.

On to the interesting part – the food! If you read my post about the Vienna Market (if you haven’t, click here!), you might know that I like Latin food. Well, at least I ate gorditas there. 😉 If you happen to know me in person, you will know that I absolutely love Latin food. Give me Mexican, Peruvian, Colombian, Salvadorian…give me everything! 😀 Therefore I had also picked out the Latin food places there to try. Oh, when I saw that there was a Portuguese vendor there as well, I just had to go to his stand. There might be Pastel de Nata (Portuguese egg custard tarts)!

I arrived at the Street Food Market before it started, because Anna (one of the organizers) had invited me to have a look before the masses came, so I was able to have a little chat with some vendors as well. This really made a difference to me, because I wasn’t able to talk to anyone in Vienna, as it was so crowded. So when I arrived there, I had a little chat with Anna, and she actually made me curious about a vendor that had not been on my list to try before.

Kaizoku Berlin at Street Food Market Graz |

Kaizoku Berlin serves Japanese/Asian inspired food. I didn’t eat curry there, but something that reminded me of Mexican tostadas. Fried rice paper (it’s not greasy though, as it is ready in a second), with salad on top and either grilled meat or mushrooms and a delicious sauce. I had the coconut lime sauce and it was so good! Oh, they put black and white sesame on top of it too.   I also had a lovely chat with the owner, and she is actually from Australia, but now has her home base in Berlin. Definitely worth stopping by, if you want to try something new! I’m not sure anymore how much it was, but I think it was on the slightly pricier side (over 5€).

Portaromas at Street Food Market Graz |

Next stop for me was actually already the Portuguese vendor, I just couldn’t help myself. The possibility of eating Natas again was just too tempting. And guess what, they guy at the stall of Portaromas had Pastel de Nata! He really made my day. And for just 1,5€ I really couldn’t complain. When I marched right up to him and asked him about the Pastel de Nata, his first question actually was  if I’ve been to Portugal – I guess not many people had straight away asked for them. 😉 So we had a little chat where I told him about my semester there and he wanted to know how much Portuguese I speak. Cue an awkward moment. My Portuguese has become so rusty (and pushed to the back of my head thanks to speaking and learning a lot more Spanish recently), that I couldn’t form a single coherent sentence anymore. The natas was good though! 😉

Peruvian Brothers at Street Food Market Graz |

After that, I had a little walk around trying all kinds of different things, where the manioc fritters and sweet potato chips from the Peruvian Brothers really stood out to me. I mean, I know I like manioc and sweet potatoes, and together with the delicious sauce they served, it was really delicious. I also had a very refreshing cucumber juice at Tilia’s. Tilia’s is actually a little raw, vegan spot in Graz that I’ve never made it to before. But I think this will change in the near future! Oh, a concept worth mentioning are also the bottled soups from The Soup Inc, which are all vegan, gluten-free and produced locally and seasonally. Win-Win!

Maria Maria Arepas at Street Food Market Graz |

My last stop, was probably my favorite stop and was also the vendor that I had looked forward to the most. Maria Maria Arepas, sold arepas or “Latin Burger” as they had written on their stall. I really, really like arepas. I’ve had lots of good ones in New York, but the one from Maria Maria Arepas was pretty much equally delicious. I was so stuffed at this point, that I asked for half an arepa, which they gave me without any problem. I opted for the veggie version, which had black beans, feta cheese, home-made chipotle salsa and guacamole in to. Oh so delicious. If you still need a reason to go to the Street Food Market in Graz, this is it! Don’t miss out on those delicious arepas.

That’s it! I was so stuffed and it was so hot today, that I left after those places and cooled down in the nearby shopping center (I was quite a hot mess after all that delicious food and being in the sun). The pricing here was more appropriate than in Vienna (in my opinion), even though the purely vegan vendors were more on the pricier side as well (I saw vegan hot dogs for 6€, but I don’t know how big they were). They were still not cheap though, and I know that a lot of people will actually say it was still too expensive. But, you don’t go to an event like this everyday, do you? I think the portions were much bigger than in Vienna too, at least what I saw. Which also means you get fuller faster, but hey, just split the dishes with your friends. I feel like the vegan and non vegan options were pretty balanced, so no matter your diet, you were able to find something. It was a really hot day today, so obviously it was quite hot inside as well as outside. There could have been more benches to sit down in the shade, but that’s pretty much all I can criticize here. Well done!

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7 thoughts on “Street Food Market Graz, June 2015

  1. Voll lieb, dass die Anna das organisiert hat. Ich war gestern schon dort, war ganz nett mal dabei gewesen zu sein. Aber an die großen cities kommt er halt noch nicht ran find ich 😛

    1. Ja, das war echt lieb 🙂 Mir hat es besser gefallen als in Wien, muss ich sagen. Aber mit Smorgasburg und ähnlichem kommt es natürlich nicht mit, das ist schon klar 😉

  2. Another delicious looking adventure! Fried rice paper sounds really intriguing 😮 And the manioc and sweet potatoes looks yummy, but what is manioc? I’m so jealous of all these awesome street markets, we need more events like that around here!

    1. Thank you Natalie! I love going to markets like that. This market has been here the first time and I’m so glad they organized it. <3 manioc is the same as cassava, it's a root (I think) that you can boil/ has a very interesting taste and texture! Not like anything else I know. It's funny that you don't have those markets where you live, because they actually come here from the U.S! It's inspired by street food markets like Smorgasburg in NYC. 🙂

      1. Cassava, got it! I’ve seen that around here but never actually tried it! There are those sorts of markets in the US, but not really close to where I live…I need to move 🙂

  3. Loved the review, Kat! We will have a street food market for the first time ever in Linz on the 19-21th of june and I’m so excited! I’m not 100% sure if it is the same or if it’s only the name but I’m looking forward to it already ^.^

    1. Oh wow, that’s so cool! I wish Linz was a bit closer, I would definitely come and check it out too! <3 it's so nice that street food markets are starting to gain traction here in Austria too - it was about time! Enjoy the market, I'm sure it will be a lot of fun 🙂

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