Vižula – a peninsula off Medulin, Croatia

Vizula - Medulin, Croatia

Vižula is a little gem of a peninsula right off the harbor of Medulin, Croatia. Remember, when I recently shared my memories from trips to Croatia as a child? I thought I wouldn’t be able to go back any time soon, but as life goes, my Dad took me there for a surprise trip right before I left for New York City. While I soaked up the wonderful late-summer sun there, we also walked around Vižula, which is home to the ruins of a Roman villa.

It’s really a tiny peninsula, but wonderful for a little walk and also to get a sense of the long and rich history that this region has. I did not take a picture of the actual ruins – #bloggerfail! But believe me when I tell you that it’s pretty awesome to see them and realize that even the Romans already enjoyed this part of the sea. Vižula is also protected as a heritage site, due to the archeological excavations. Locals as well as tourists also use the peninsula to go swimming in the sea and generally just chill out underneath the shade of the trees. People bring food and have a little picnic while watching little boats go by further out in the bay.

Vizula - Medulin, Croatia

Vizula - Medulin, Croatia

I was in Croatia the first week of September and we still had amazing weather – we were able to go swimming every day, even right in the morning! There weren’t as many tourists anymore, which is also a big plus in my books. We also spent a day in Pula, which I’m going to bring you a little post about in a few days as well! Croatia is such a beautiful destination for a relaxing vacation and Vižula is just the cutest little peninsula to walk around and enjoy yourself, while getting a little sense of culture too.

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  1. Beautiful. Seems like a beautiful place to visit. I’m heading over to FB to like your page now! 🙂

  2. This looks like such a cute place to enjoy a picnic or to walk around. Great views and nice pictures.I would love to visit Croatia one day!

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