DiverCITY Graz – celebrating cultural diversity through food

Have you heard about DiverCity Graz? It’s a new way to experience different cultures through home cooked meals. Read about my experience!

DiverCITY Graz - celebrating cultural diversity through food

There’s a new way to enjoy dinner in Graz! Have you heard about the project DiverCity? Don’t click away if you don’t live in Graz – it’s a really great concept, which I hope will spread further. The founder, Wolfgang, recently contacted me and asked if I wanted to give DiverCity a try: it’s celebrating cultural diversity through food. Meeting new people and eating delicious food? Sure, I was up for it!

So how does DiverCity work? It brings together people from all kind of different cultures that live in Graz and love to cook or eat. Hosts sign up to the platform and offer food from their home country for somewhere between 10-20€. If you find something that you want to try, simply contact them and set up a date for your dinner (or lunch, or probably even breakfast!). Usually people go to the house of the host, which gives this food experience a whole new level. Oh, and if both of you decide on it, no money has to change hands and the guest can simply invite the host to cook for them. Pretty neat, huh? So let me tell you about my experience, eating Dominican Food at Ana’s place!

DiverCity Graz – An delicious Dominican Dinner

Everyone who knows me, knows how much I love Latin American food. Those that live in Graz, also know that this charming city is kind of a desert in terms of good Latin American food. When I saw Ana’s listing, I was more than happy. We exchanged a few messages on the platform, where she really kindly asked me if I had any food intolerance, dietary preferences etc.. I told her that I try to avoid larger amounts of dairy, but otherwise left everything up to her. What she served us (a friend of mine came with me), was the delicious “Bandera Dominicana”, which is rice, black beans, stewed pork and tostones. Please excuse the slightly strange coloring and blurriness of the photos, but I didn’t want to blind everyone while using flash.

DiverCITY Graz - celebrating cultural diversity through food

When we arrived, the rice, beans and meat was already pretty much done (good, because we were hungry!) and we just had fun helping Ana preparing the tostones. In case you have never heard about that, it’s twice fried green plantains, that you flatten out after the first bit of frying. After indulging in all the tasty food, Ana actually brought out dessert! She made Flan de Coco, which only had a little bit of dairy in it – the rest was all coconut milk, so it was perfect even for my sensitive stomach. Oh joy! Seriously, I haven’t had so good soul food in Graz in a long, long time.

Ana was an incredibly warm and inviting host, it could really not have gone better. My friend was also very, very happy with the food and company – so it wasn’t just me. 😉 It is a little intimidating to go to a stranger’s house to eat, but believe me, it is so worth it! I can’t wait to go and meet some more of the hosts, because there are a lot of different people on DiverCity already, that all offer delicious sounding food (but Ana is so far the only one with Latin American food!).

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    1. I know! I was really happy when I was told about the project – I think it is a wonderful idea to connect people through food!

  1. This is so amazing!! It would be so cool to find something local like this. We have a place called the Midtown Global Market, which has offerings from all over the world, but nothing like DiverCity. What a great idea.

    1. I agree! It’s such a wonderful idea and I really hope it grows much bigger than it is right now 🙂 You could try and initiate a project like this in your city too!

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