Yoga Brunch at Yogalife Graz, Blogger Event

Curious about the Yoga Brunch at Yogalife Graz? What did we do, what kind of food can you expect? Find out more about it here!

Yoga Brunch - Yoga Life Graz |

Hey guys! I hope you are doing well and are not all stressed out in the countdown to Christmas. At the beginning of December I was invited to attend the very first Yoga Brunch at Yogalife Graz with a few fellow bloggers. I hadn’t done yoga in a while, but had heard lots of good stuff about the studio from my fellow blogger JuYogi (she is going to teach there very soon!), so I was more than happy to accept the invitation.

Yoga Brunch - Yoga Life Graz |

It was a really cold and grey day, so if I hadn’t had a fixed time to be there, I might have just stayed in my bed until lunch time probably. πŸ˜‰ I’m so glad that I went to Graz! On entering the studio, Nicky, the owner, greeted me warmly and showed me around the beautiful place. It’s spacious, simple, and just a calming atmosphere. Before we got to indulge in all the delicious food, an hour of yoga flow was on the menu! Gosh it felt good to move my body through the different poses in fluent motions – Nicki’s voice is also super calming and just wonderful to listen to. I can highly recommend trying out one of her classes too – I will definitely in the new year!

Yoga Brunch - Yoga Life Graz |

Yoga Brunch - Yoga Life Graz |

After an hour of yoga, I (and I think the other lovely ladies too!) was definitely ready for the brunch. The buffet was amazing – as you can see from the pictures. The picture on the very top of this post includes quite a few of the sweet treats – which were all vegan as well.Β There was chia pudding with berry jam, there was hot porridge, juices, teas, brownies, fruit…everything you could wish for. All of us (Ju from JuYogi, Simone and Sabrina from Good Yogi Bad Yogi, Christina from christina wait for it, Diana from dogdays of summer and Verena from we are stardust) sat together with Nicki and Mocca (the sweet yoga dog) for at least an hour and eat and chatted and simply had a good time. A Sunday morning just can’t start better than this! Yoga, good food, good conversation. More of this please! ❀️

Yep, I’m in this photo – I’m on the right side, with the grey sweater pulled over my more yoga appropriate top. Who of you would’ve guessed? I don’t I’ve ever shared a photo with my hair up on my blog… πŸ˜€ I’m so happy about this new format here in Graz, it was about time! πŸ™‚

The first official Yoga Brunch will take place on the January 3rd – click here to get to the event on Facebook, with all the further instructions. Please make sure to sign up until the 28th of December!Β 

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    1. Yes! It’s really so much fun – first you move your body, then you sit together and have delicious food and chat with likeminded people <3

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