The Gift Guide for the 20-something Foodie and Conscious Fashionista |

Gift Guide for the 20-something Foodie and Conscious Fashionista

It’s officially Christmas time and I really wonder where the time went. Soon it will be 6 months that I started working at my new job! While I’ve been watching YouTube gift guides and reading other blog posts about the million things you could give people, I really wanted in on the fun 😀 So here is my little compilation of a gift guide for the 20-something foodie and conscious fashionista!

This gift guide (*cough* kind of Christmas wishlist) is a short one, but if you have a woman in your life that enjoys artisanal gifts, tries branching out into some fair fashion, needs a new fancy coffee maker or blender (no, not a Vitamix 😉 ), this might be the right Christmas gift guide for you!

Gift Guide for a Foodie and Conscious Fashionista |
Clockwise from the top left: Matt and Nat Chelsea Boot, GlobeIn Artisan Box, Matt and Nat York Card Holder, Armed Angels Morgan Pullover, Braun TributeCollection Blender, A Modern Way to Eat by Anna Jones, Qbo Coffee Maker.

The Gift Guide for the 20-something Foodie and Conscious Fashionista

Matt and Nat Joliette Chelsea Boots in Cerise (on Sale right now on their website!) – I love a good Chelsea boot! Matt and Nat is one of the few cruelty free and fair labels where I actually like their shoes and accessories. A lot of the brand make goods that looks super dated and old fashioned, or just too “crunchy” for my taste. That’s not the case with Matt and Nat! I don’t have anything from them yet, but friends of mine do and are very happy with their purchases. Those Chelsea boots look so beautiful and I love the little cross-over detail on the side. <3

Subscription of the GlobeIn Box – you guys already know that I love the Globe-In Boxes, like you can read in my review here. I would also highly suggest them as a gift for anyone who loves handmade, artisanal goods that help empower women and generally people in less fortunate situations. I have recieved two boxes from them so far and both were beautiful and definitely worth the money. They also recently launched a new 10$ monthly subscription service for one item a month, which is also a great way if you live inside the USA. They do ship internationally, but as the costs are quite high, I would only recommend this for the regular artisanal boxes or if you order from their store. I can still offer you a 10$ off coupon with a purchase of the 3- and 6-month Artisan Box subscriptions. Just use the coupon code CURLS for your 10$ off!

Qbo Coffee Maker – this next item on this gift guide is a bit more pricey. The Qbo Coffee Maker is a new capsule system with square capsules that are not made from aluminum, take less space for transport due to their shape and are fully recyclable. I had the pleasure of attending the launch event for this coffee machine and I was thoroughly impressed. Those of you who know me better, will know that I’m not a huge coffee drinker. I’m very, very picky with my coffee and dislike most coffee. Not the case with this machine – the ones I’ve tried so far tasted really good. <3 I also love that you can completely create your own coffee with this machine, as it lets you choose the amount of water, and milk completely freely, in contrast to other machines. Oh, and you can create cold milk foam!

Blender from the Braun TributeCollection – Braun is actually the brand of my Mum’s choice. I grew up with blenders and a food processor from them. Their products usually last forever and are a really good value for money. I personally have the Braun TributeCollection JB 3060 blender* in black and it’s so sturdy! Sure, it’s not the most hip and hyped brand, but I think when it comes to value for money, products from Braun are hard to beat. Products from Braun also get a plus point, because you still get spare parts for their products many years after you bought them, so there is no need to throw them out once something breaks. You can easily repair it, or replace it, if you for example manage to break the lid. 😉

Matt and Nat York – Chili Card Holder – Yes, another iteam from Matt and Nat. I’m a sucker for card holders and have successfully ditched my huge wallet. The times of having a brick in my handbag are over for me – I simply use an app called Stocard for all of my loyalty cards and carry around as little cash as possible. Again, look at the cross-over detail in this York – Chili Card Holder! 

Armed Angels Morgan Pullover – Armed Angels is a fair fashion brand that is still on the more affordable end of fair fashion and actually on the more fashionable end of it too! I really battle with the wish for adding more fair and social fashion pieces to my wardrobe, but often fail on that mission because either the pieces are unattainably expensive or just really not flattering or fashionable. If you have the same issue, I can recommend Armed Angels, they have some really nice pieces, especially their latest knitwear!

A Modern Way to Eat from Anna Jones – If you are looking for a really nice cookbook as a gift, one that I own already and love is A Modern Way to Eat by Anna Jones*. This is my most used cookbook this last year. The recipes are easy to follow and have so far all been super tasty. My two favorite recipes are her Oat-Amaranth porridge with blueberries (the only way I can actually enjoy eating Amaranth!) and her huevos rancheros. So, so delicious! A more in-depth review is still in the making, I just can’t decide which of her recipes to share with you, because there are so many delicious ones for literally all occasions and times of the day. The book is also printed on apple paper, which is a snazy way to create paper from leftover apple pieces, which in turn saves trees 🙂

With those things said in this little gift guide, the kind of gifts I personally give most often, are “time” gifts. Going to a spa with my best friend, going on a little city getaway, or even just going to the movies or meet for brunch. When everyone is super busy, often those are the most appreciated gifts and they make sure that you get to spend more time your friends and family. <3 But, I’m sure no one would say no to the above mentioned gifts either, well, I wouldn’t! 😉


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  1. Awesome ideas!! I like the coffee maker, as I am a New Yorker, we pretty much survive on coffee. And I agree with you, “time” gifts are the best gifts…

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