Big Sur Coastline North - My 7 Favorite Spots from San Francisco to Los Angeles |

I’m still here!

I know I’ve been a bit MIA here the last two weeks and I just wanted to write this post as a little update. I’m currently spending every waking hour at university, so my creative juices are quite zapped and I don’t spend all that much time on my laptop once I get back home […]

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7 (re)discoveries of the year 2015 |

The 7 best (re)discoveries of 2015

My best (re)discoveries in 2015: Living Nature Manuka Honey Gel, Shea Moisture, Waffles, Baobab, the KonMarie method, the Tim Ferriss show and Highway 1! Now that we have all arrived in the new year and are not hungover anymore (well, hopefully, it’s the 4th already after all!), let me share my favorite things, recipes and […]

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