Blogging Resources

There are hundreds of blogging resources pages out there, I know. But if you are already here, you might as well check out what I use and love! Some of the links here are affiliate links, so I will earn a small commission, if you click on those and make a purchase. This is at NO additional cost to you, but helps me out to run this blog.

Setting up your blog

If you want to start your own blog and need some information on how to get started, my friend Howie from Hurry the Food Up has compiled a really helpful post about it: How to start a food blog in 3 easy steps, so I’m not going to repeat all of that here and send you over to him as a trusted source. 🙂

Pinterest Scheduling

I love Pinterest, but it can also be quite time consuming. This is why I’ve fallen in love with Tailwind. It’s super easy to set up (I’ve tried a few Pinterest schedulers and didn’t like the others at all), you can schedule the same pin for lots of different boards with one click, can set intervals, and it will also tell you the best times to post. There’s a free trial period where you can schedule 100 pins, so you can get a good feel for it.


In addition to my regular notification e-mail when I post a new entry, I send out a monthly newsletter, checking in with my subscribers and letting them know what they might have missed. I do so though MailChimp, which is very popular service for e-mail campaigns. There are also tons of plugins that work together with MailChimp and help you build a subscriber list. The account is generally free, but you have to switch to a paid plan once you reach 2000 subscribers or want to send out more than 12000 mails a month.

The Camera

People are often curious what cameras blogger use – I use my beloved Sony RX100 (Amazon Affiliate Link). It is nearly as small as a normal point and shoot, but the quality and manual settings are just like in a DSLR camera. There are newer versions of the camera out already too, and I will probably upgrade to the Sony RX100 III (Aff.) once I’ve saved enough money, because that baby is quite expensive. For food photography, I really would see no reason to upgrade, but for traveling the RX100 III makes a lot of sense, as it has a flip up screen, built in WiFi and an even wider angle.

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