FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions!

Hello there, are you new here? I have made a little compilation of questions that I often get (across all of my social media and on the blog), to make it easier for you!

Are you vegan?

No, I’m not! Lots of my recipes are (most of them actually), and I enjoy eating vegan, but I have decided that at this moment in my life it is not for me. Who knows what the future might bring? So if you are vegan, let’s still be friends! Please bring an open mind and simply switch out my honey with a sweetener of your choice and we all can have fun 🙂

So you say your recipes are “sugar-free”, what do you mean with that?

More accurately I should call it “refined sugar-free”, but that’s just too long and mostly too much of a mouth full! It plain and simple means that I cut out typical white/processed sugar, and generally all heavily refined sugar products and sugar substitutes. BUT my recipes do obviously contain natural sugar from the fruits and natural sweeteners I use. I love dates, coconut palm sugar, high-quality maple syrup and honey.

You live in Austria, so why do you write in English?

First, I love English – I live, love and breathe this language. Second, about 2/3s of my readers do not speak German and English is a common language that all of them speak (at least I think so 😀 ). It makes communicating with my readers from all over the world easier. I still love my home country, and adore my local readers, don’t get me wrong! 😉

What do you do for a day job?

I work as content manager and creator in the beauty industry. That’s pretty much my job description in a nutshell – but as it is most of the time, there is much more to it. 😉

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  1. Hello Kat,
    My name is Alyssa and I have a vegetarian food blog at http://www.simplycreativeveggies.com where bloggers can share their recipes. I am writing to let you know that I am linking to your Lemon Chia Pudding with Mandarins post. You are welcome to share your recipes at my site if you would like.
    Simply Creative Veggies

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